Reunião na casa da Regina Lemos


Um pensamento sobre “Reunião na casa da Regina Lemos

  1. Hello Jane .. I’m hoping that I have finally been able to get a message to you. Linda here .. we arrived home alright .. it was stressful for Doreen and Laura but they got thru it. Doreen’s son and Laura friend Alex met them at the airport so they felt better being with family and Laura’s friend. It was a lovely tribute/celebration of John’s life. Laura managed to sing a song and read from a letter she sent to her dad years ago .. it was beautiful. Laura’s sister Kathryn also read some things about her dad and they both managed to get thru it without breaking down .. I could never have done that .. I was in pieces at my dads service last year so I am very proud of both of them and the strength and control they showed. Doreen also managed well.

    The service for John was this past Sat. the 30th .. I went over to the Island to pay my respects and to support the family.

    I am hoping that you get this note Jane as I wanted to say thank you to you and to Pip and Sandra for all their wonderful help while we were in Rio and Niteroi. We so enjoyed our time with you on your private tour.

    I am doing better with my shoulder and am now re-cooperating from hernia surgery that I had yesterday .. I had a little more time this week so thought it best I try to get a note of appreciation to you.

    Thanks again Jane .. chat again .. hugs .. Linda

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